Aviation Management

Our Aviation and What We Do?

Civil aviation is one of two major categories of flying, representing all non- military aviation, both private and commercial. Most of the countries in the world are members of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and work together to establish common standards and recommended practices for civil aviation through that agency

Introduction to IATA Ground operations

  • Purpose and Scope
  • Wording Conventions
  • Aviation Language

Passenger handling Procedures

  • Passenger Departures, Arrival, Transfer and Transit, Security
  • Special Categories of Passengers
  • Passenger Irregularities

Cargo/Mail handling Procedures

  • Cargo Acceptance–Special Cargo
  • Cargo Forwarding Storage and Preparation for Flight
  • Information and Data Transmission to Load-Control

Aircraft handling procedures

  • Ramp Safety in Aircraft Handling
  • Safety During Fuelling/Defueling Adverse Weather Conditions
  • Hand Signals, Aircraft Chocking, Aircraft Arrival, Aircraft Loading, Aircraft Departure, Aircraft Towing

Airside Safety Operations

  • Turnaround Coordination/Supervision Requirements
  • Reporting–Incidents, Accidents and Near-Misses
  • Airside Safety Investigation Procedure, Monitoring Procedures, Emergency Response Procedures

National aviation authorities

  • Regulatory Bodies of civil aviation
  • Regulator variations
  • Airport authority variations

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